Open for applications to the United Nations Development Program for Training in Turkey Fully Funded 2021


IICPSD supports the private sector and institutions to become transformative partners in development through research, advocacy, facilitating public-private dialogue and mediating partnerships. IICPSD leads the global work of UNDP in the private sector and foundations and supports UNDP offices around the world.
IICPSD offers internship opportunities for excellent students at the graduate level. The Research Training Program provides a first-hand view of IICPSD’s work as a center of excellence for the private sector’s role in development and inclusive markets. The program is designed to provide support for applied research and policy advisory services at IICPSD as well as to complement the practical experience of trainees in various issues related to private sector participation, human capital development, impact investment in achieving sustainable development goals and other international issues. Development.

Details of the United Nations Development Program for Training in Turkey:

Place: Turkey
Founder: United Nations
Training period: from 3 to 6 months
Academic level: BA and MA
Language: You do not need an English language certificate
Application: All students from all countries of the world can apply for this scholarship
Submission: First deadline: November 9, 2020, second deadline: March 2, 2021

Advantages of the United Nations Development Program for Training in Turkey:

Interns will receive monthly stipends
Trainees will receive an accredited certificate at the end of the training programs

Conditions of the United Nations Development Program for Training in Turkey:

The student must be currently enrolled in university studies (to be a university student or bachelor’s)
Or the student is enrolled in the master’s program
Or be a graduate with a university degree
Fluent in English, especially in writing and reading

What are the tasks of the trainees:

Participate in developing machine learning research
Apply advanced natural language processing techniques to build, maintain, and improve analyzes and organize large data sets to gain actionable insights from them
Helping accurately communicate results to various stakeholders
Supporting the implementation of data science projects
Collaborate with private and public organizations to access their databases
Communicate with organizations as well as academic institutions that apply data science in policymaking
Provide support and other assistance as required

Competencies required in the United Nations Development Program for Training in Turkey:

Technical / Functional Competencies:

Strong programming skills, experience with common data science toolkits, proficiency in Python are highly required, proficiency in other data science-related software packages are an asset
Excellent skills in data preparation, manipulation, modeling and visualization
Good understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms (especially in NLP)
The experience of publishing models in production is an added advantage
A working knowledge of current NLP methods is a strong plus.
Good understanding of neural networks, preferably with experience with Keras, Tensorflow or PyTorch
Experience with big data technology and cloud computing platforms is a plus
Good applied statistical skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, and regression analysis
Good knowledge in presenting data science results effectively.
Attention to international development and application of technologies for the public good
Excellent ability to write and communicate accurately and professionally.
Ability to manage workload with minimal supervision and collaboration with a wide range of colleagues while meeting deadlines
Excellent interpersonal skills: the ability to listen and cooperate with a wide range of players, the ability to work independently, are proactive and proactive;
Being able to work both independently and as part of a team.

Documents required in the United Nations Development Program for training in Turkey:

Transcript of grades (in case you are a student, you are still studying)
Proof of university enrollment (if you are a student enrolled at the university)
Graduation certificate (if you have graduated from university)
Personal letter (and it must include all your skills and experiences)
Have medical insurance with you
Note: All papers must be translated into English

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