Courseware Free Online Introduction to the World of Networks


Details of a year in the course:

Duration: 5 weeks
Effort required 3 hours
Level: Beginner level

An introduction to the world of networks is a free course offered by Edraak that helps interested persons to enter the world of networks and understand everything related to this field of terms and processes, starting with simple definitions and moving to the complex application with the smallest details so that the learners in the course can work their way to the profession of installing computer networks .
“The world has become a small village” is a famous phrase that we heard a lot after the spread of the Internet, as if we live in the same country with people on another continent. Thanks to this, the internet networks of all countries are linked to each other, making it easy to access people, information and services all over the world, anywhere, anytime.
Since there are many benefits of networks, this course introduces networks to the world of networks, the concept of network science with its components, models for the connection between its parts and the mechanism by which it operates, as well as the protocols and relevant international standards. In addition, the course explains the types of local networks – personal network (LAN), wide networks – regional network (WAN), regional network (MAN), and the difference between wired and wireless networks.
The training in the Introduction to the Networking World also included how to design and modify small networks, how to connect two devices in a way (Peer to Peer), how to design a wired network using a switch, how to work (Cross Cable), and change (IP) for devices, And how to connect between two devices and ensure network readiness, how to work (Straight cable), and create a shared file between two devices and exchange files through the network.

Take advantage of the opportunity to register in this free course from Edraak entitled Introduction to the World of Networks, to familiarize you with all that matters to you about this area of ​​the benefits of networks, their importance, types, how to install them and the concept of (OSI Model), and to acquire the necessary skills that will qualify you to enter the world of networks.

What you will learn in the networking course:

Knowing what networks are, with their various components and types, and methods of linking and configuring them
How to address networks and the categories used
Learn about the domain of DNS and how they work is networks
Learn network basics, and the ability to design and modify small networks
Expand the student’s awareness of the networked world
Produce cadres capable of installing, activating, and repairing (processing) networks
The ability to link between two devices in a Peer to Peer method
Wire mesh design using switch distributor
The ability to link devices to a shared printer
Create a wireless network and change the password for it
How to register for an Introduction to the World of Networks course:
You only have to enter the website of Edraak platform and create a completely free account. After creating the account, you must register for this course and start the learning process.

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