The University of Texas bachelor’s and master’s scholarship is funded


About the University of Texas:

It is a research university, and is a distinguished university in the state of Texas. Founded on September 15, 1883, its campus area is approximately 0.25 sq mi (400 sq m) in Austin, Texas. The university had the fifth largest on-campus students in the country since the fall of 2010 (and was the largest in terms of enrollment in the United States between 1997 and 2003).

University of Texas Scholarship Details:

Country: United States of America
Institution: Texas TAMU
Level of Scholarship: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
Financial Coverage: All tuition costs throughout the study years
Available majors: most majors are available

Notes :

Third-grade students can currently apply for this scholarship
Deadline to apply for the scholarship: December 1, 2020
Undergraduate students can apply for this scholarship, transfer, and complete their studies on this scholarship provided by the University of Texas

  • You can apply for this scholarship, including the Arab countries, including: Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Palestine, Mauritania and Bahrain

Required papers for the University of Texas Scholarships:

Motivational speech
Personal statement
Certificate of proof of English language
You can submit any certificates that you have obtained from courses, training or volunteer work

Scholarship link

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