Free online courses offered by the World Health Organization OpenWHO 2020


OpenWHO 2020 course details:

Responsible party: World Health Organization
The amount of courses: more than 50 courses
Certificates: free of charge
Can I apply: Yes anyone
Experience: Not required
Certification: Certificates are awarded after completion of 80% of the course.

Many of the courses provided by the World Health Organization via the Internet are available to anyone and also free WHO certificates. They have two types of certificates. Achievement records and confirmations of participation depending on course details. OpenWHO free courses available in multiple languages.
You can apply from all over the world easily at any time and from anywhere. Of course, there are no tuition fees for the courses.
The World Health Organization has made many new courses. OpenWHO is the global, global, new interactive web-based knowledge transfer and offering courses online. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized platform of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

The organization presenting the courses:

OpenWho Organizations (the first WHO platform to host an unlimited number of users during health emergencies)
What types of courses does OpenWHO offer?

The World Health Organization offers three different levels of courses beginner, intermediate and advanced

Cognitive provides knowledge and tools related to specific diseases.
Social: Focuses on comprehensive interventions such as risk communication.
How to respond: He talks about the humanitarian response and the best ways to participate in emergencies.
For epidemics: combines training sessions on various aspects of influenza events.

Advantages of free courses from the World Health Organization

1- Knowledge and interest of the courses from the World Health Organization via the Internet
2- Free courses
3- The application is available from all countries of the world
4- More than 20 languages ​​are available, including Arabic
5- Free certificates are granted.

Eligibility conditions:

Available to everyone
No academic restrictions
No citizenship restrictions all countries are available to apply

Explain how to register on the WHO platform:

1- Create a new account on OpenWHO
2- Fill in the required fields and log in
3- Choose the course you want to take from the list of courses available on OpenWHO.
4- Click on the button that says “Register me for this course”
5 – After completing 80% of the course content, you can obtain a free certificate

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