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Emad Abu Haltam is a certified international financial expert and accountant, specializing in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Accounting is one of the most important social sciences, and no company, institution, government, or any other company releases its use. Perhaps understanding accounting from a non-specialized perspective is one of the priorities of company owners, investors and even individuals, to achieve the necessary understanding of how money flows and is managed, thus allowing the best economic efficiency possible.

This course is designed with the aim of providing learners other than accountants and financiers with the knowledge necessary to read and understand published financial statements accompanied by the necessary disclosures. This will also provide an opportunity to understand the importance of using some International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We will look at:
The legality of international standards and the extent to which they are binding in countries of the world
The role of international standards in maintaining the stability of capital markets
Applying international standards in preparing financial statements and the latter’s role in preserving the funds of creditors, lenders and shareholders
The contents and items of the income statement
The contents and elements of the budget
Book value and equity of shareholders in companies
Defining the cash flow statement, which is considered one of the most important financial statements
How to link the actual financial statements with the estimated budgets at the beginning of each year
The latest methods of financial analysis used by lenders, investors and departments

You will learn accounting for non-accountants:

Explanation of the terms used in the published financial statements
Read any financial statements and other information published in the annual reports
Linking the various components that make up the published financial statements
Being able to prepare financial statements
Gain a basic understanding of the most important international financial reporting standards and their impact on corporate decision-making

Accounting course contents for non-accountants

Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and periodic and annual financial reporting
Understand the financial statements and their components
Management and accounting of the company’s financial resources (conceptual framework)
A list of cash flows and estimated budgets

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