Volunteer with the United Nations with a monthly salary that does not require proof of English language certificate 2021


Definition of volunteering:

Volunteering is defined as the allocation of time and effort to do work that serves the community, the environment, or individuals outside the immediate family. It is an act that a person carries out willingly and freely. In addition, the most important characteristic of volunteer work is that it does not focus on financial gain.
In recent years, interest in the concept of volunteering and volunteering has increased, and people have become more aware of its benefits and positive effects on the volunteer and on society in general. On the personal level – which is what we are interested in here – volunteering is a unique opportunity that allows you to meet different people and form a network of relationships that guarantees your development. Not only that, but it (volunteer work) greatly contributes to elevating your career to a completely different new level. And the fact that it is free and not paid, that does not necessarily mean that the skills that you acquire while doing it are simple basic skills, on the contrary, many volunteering opportunities provide intensive training that refines your skills in all areas, such as developing the ability to communicate with others, and developing team spirit, As well as practical experience in the field that you volunteer in.
The United Nations Organization invites students from all countries of the world to volunteer in the United Nations organization to confront the Corona virus, whether through the Internet or travel

Details of volunteering with the United Nations:

Organization: United Nations Organization
Training period: from 2 months to 12 months and can be extended
Submission: Open to all Arab countries
Language: English language proof is not required

Advantages of volunteering with the United Nations:

Providing travel tickets
Provision of a living allowance
Monthly salary
Travel insurance

Conditions for applying to volunteer with the United Nations:

The volunteer must be at least 22 years old
The volunteer must have professional experience
The volunteer must have knowledge of the English language
Applicants from all disciplines can apply for this scholarship

Documents required in volunteering with the United Nations:

Motivational speech
recommendation Letter

Submission link

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