How do I master the skill of listening to English online?


Listening is considered one of the most important skills for acquiring a new language, as it is no less important than reading, writing and speaking.
As a beginner or intermediate level learner in learning the English language, this means that you are in the stage of developing the language, dialect, and linguistic stock, which means that your need for audio materials is necessary to acquire a sound language.


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She holds a master’s degree in applied linguistics (teaching English to non-native speakers) from Canada, and a higher diploma in management studies from Canada. An English language teacher and trainer, interested in teaching English, volunteer work and cultural communication, she is a graduate of the Diploma of Qualifying Young Leaders for Global Dialogue submitted by the King Abdulaziz Center for Dialogue, a member of the English Voluntary Teaching Team (English Mastery), and she holds many courses in teaching English.

Course Syllabus:

The concept of listening skill.
Listening challenges.
Ways to master the skill of listening.
Self-learning methods used to master the skill of listening.
Applications on visual materials and their impact on English language acquisition.
Help sites and applications to develop the skill of listening.
Article requirements
Awareness of the importance of listening and developing your auditory skills to acquire the English language through the attached exercises and the importance of self-learning in listening, methods and techniques.

expected outcomes:

Learn the term listening skill.
Facing the difficulties and challenges encountered by the listener.
Self-help in learning the skill of listening to the English language.
Methods and methods for self-learning through audio and visual materials.
Sites and applications to develop the skill of listening.

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