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Programming is writing instructions and directing commands to the computer, and it is a way to solve a problem through written procedures, not limited to the computer, programming is a science that also helps you in your working life. Perhaps one of the most prominent current languages ​​is the C # language because Microsoft has paid attention to it. This is the official language for some game engines such as Unity3d and other applications.

The course curriculum:

Introduction and explanation of the article
Microsoft Visual Studio installation
Writing your first program with C #
Explain and understand your first program
Dealing with project files
Learn about Variables and their Types
Use If Statement
Understanding Operators, Expressions, and Statements
Using the For Loop
Learn and use arrays
Creating and Using Methods Functions
While Statement
Working with Strings Text
Dates and time handling
Using Classes
Advanced applications of functions and class
Learn about the range of variables
Learn about Name Space and interact with other libraries
Create and work with References
Learn about and work with collections
How to write LINQ Statements
Create a new variable type Enumeration and use it in the Switch selection
Detecting errors during program execution and handling Handling Exceptions
Dealing with Events
Learn how to build a Windows Application

Course requirements:

There are no requirements, this course is intended for those who do not fully understand programming. But if you are fluent in English, this will help you understand lines of code.

The expected outcomes of the course:

Learn the basic rules of C #.
Learn how to build the application and share it with others.
Learn how to create variables and their ranges.
Learn how to create, define, and use arrays.
Learn how to process text.
Learn to work with time and date.
Learn how to create IF Statement.
Learn to use Loop Statements.
Learn how to create the Methods functions.
Learn how to create enumerations.
Learn the relationship between Projects and Solutions.
Learn to spot errors and fix them before it’s too late.
Learn how to create and manipulate a class.
Learn advanced topics about Classes.
Learn to use LINQ statements.

Question and answer about the course:

s. I do not have any previous experience in programming or programming languages, can I benefit from this course?
C. Certainly, the material is intended for those who have no idea about programming languages.

s. My English is very weak, how can I benefit from this subject?
C. The English language is a fundamental thing in entering the world of programming, since most programming languages ​​are in English, but this is not an obstacle that prevents you from joining the subject, you can memorize simple words as a start, and then this will motivate you to continue learning the English language.

s. I have experience in other programming languages, will this material add anything new for me?
C. The truth is, most programming languages ​​are similar, if you know the Syntax writing method for a particular language, you can master it later if you have enough software inventory, and certainly this material will cover matters centered on how to solve problems (in addition to learning the language).

s. In what areas can C # C # be used?
C. You can start developing applications, whether on the computer or even on smart devices, in addition to that you can use them in programming games and developing websites.

s. Is there a certificate of completion for the course if it is completed?
C. Certainly, God willing, there will be a certificate of completion from the Rwaq platform after successfully passing the exams for the subject, and I wish you success

The course link: https://bit.ly/37xtaQ1

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