A free online course from the University of Sheffield on how to write a CV and motivation letter online for the scholarship application


Are you looking for how to write a professional CV or cover letter and want to send your CV to apply for a job but don’t know how to write it? And you want to update your knowledge and skills, this course is for you to apply today and update your CV and cover letter to archive your goal

Details of the writing resume and motivation letters course:

Course: Free
Venue: Online course
Gender: male and female
Corporation: Future Learn
Submitted by: The University of Sheffield
Availability: International
Duration: 3 weeks
Weekly study: 3 hours per week

What you will learn in the CV Writing and Motivation Letters course:

Preparing to apply
Biographies and letters of motivation
Application forms and personal data

What to benefit from the CV Writing and Motivation Letters course:

Develop yourself to get a job or gain a place on a university course
Improve the way you promote yourself
Apply best practice techniques when applying for jobs, apprenticeships, placement, and university courses, from preparing for application, to writing resumes and completing application forms
How to apply
You can apply for this free course online, it’s a great opportunity to register now

Course link: http://bit.ly/3p0VukK

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