Free course on job skills how to get a decent job


Learn the skills of getting a job from the search process through writing a CV, cover letter and professional email to a successful job interview

About the job skills course:

Each of us strives to develop himself and realize himself, then he will know what he wants from life, and by this he has the right to cherish himself, and to announce it, to find the appropriate place to practice the role assigned to him in life, through a job / job that matches his qualifications and abilities And his skills. From here, he must master his description of himself through his own CV, know the skills necessary to write a CV professionally, understand the purpose of writing a CV and its importance and attach the cover book, learn and understand the basics and skills necessary to pass personal interviews and leave a good impression on others to be qualified to enter The job market with passion.

The job skills course includes:

Success secrets for a job
Make a professional CV
Writing a professional cover letter
Job interview skills
Upon joining this course, you will be able to learn all of the above in detail to aid you in the process of finding a job.

Job skills course details:

Lectures: 8
Access to lectures at any time
Course language: Arabic
Share Certificate: Yes
Course fee: Free

Occupational Skills Course Contents:

How do I apply for a job?
Introduction to the job market
Cover letter
Writing an email
How do I pass job interviews successfully?
Job interviews
Job interview questions
Job interview tips
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