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Make use of the Internet to make your company or freelance business a success

About the Professional Online Marketing Course:

The world has become a small village. “
You have definitely heard this sentence before, but did you ask why it helped achieve it so that it became the reality we live in today?

One of the most important elements that contribute to making the world a small village is the Internet, which is the network that permeated all the details of our life to become an integral part of it.

How can we take advantage of the technologies and benefits provided by the Internet to us, far from our personal use, to achieve our business goals of various sizes? In the course, we will learn about the various electronic marketing tools to together plan our journey in this vast world, and reach our goal of it.

Quick information about the professional e-marketing course:

Total Time: 00:53:51
Lectures: 16
Access to lectures at any time
Course language: Arabic
Share Certificate: Yes
Course fee: Free

Content of the Digital Marketing Professional Course:

What does the internet allow you to expand your business?
See, think, work, care
The initial plan for marketing your business on the network
Navigate the search engines
What do you know about search engines?
Website optimization for SEO
SEM Search Engine Marketing
For social networking sites and mobile devices
The benefits of being on social media
Content Marketing
Paid advertising campaigns
Mobile devices and e-marketing
Is email still relevant to the present?
Best practices in using e-mail
Analyzing and utilizing information
Plan, do, verify, act
About electronic commerce
1 lessons
Your first steps to creating your online store
What now?
Cycle test

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