Free English language course from the University of Pennsylvania


This free online course will help improve your English language skills.

Course details:

Course: Free
Certificate: Free.
You can take the course via the smart phone.
End of application: The course is available permanently on the site
Content: From the University of Pennsylvania

Our free online science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) English course will give you a better insight into some of the most innovative areas of scientific study while broadening your vocabulary and English language skills.
In this course you will study climate change, the impact of global warming, and nanotechnology, all through the English language while learning the vocabulary and grammar necessary to discuss them. You will also learn how to cite relevant sources for research purposes.

Best features:

Learn anytime, anywhere – you can download lessons on your mobile
Corrections by native speakers – Send your written exercises to native speakers and help others in your native language.
Vocabulary Trainer – Identify the vocabulary that you need more practice on, we will help you memorize it by heart!
Speak English as if it were your mother tongue

Ask him a task that will be answered:

How can I find time to learn languages?
How do I memorize difficult vocabulary?
How can I get the training I need?

The course link:

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