Exclusively for Sudanese and Arab youth, a free course in business administration in English


Kings College London announced the offering of a free business administration course from the extract of the Vetwater Learn educational platform. The course offered by the British University on the Internet is titled “Introduction to Buine Management” and aims to provide course participants with life and practical management skills. All course participants receive a free certificate accredited in Business administration in the event of attending and passing the specified conditions

Benefits of the Business Administration course in English:

Course participants will receive a number of benefits, including:
1- Get free access to a Business Administration course.
2- The ability to choose the appropriate time for the course on the Internet.
3- Obtaining a free PDF accredited certificate in Business Administration from King’s College London4 developing a set of important skills in management science
5- The use and application of business concepts in management.
6- Knowing the following aspects in management science: money management and people management. Information management, self management.

Business Administration course topics in English:

1- Introduction to management and leadership styles.
2- Funding sources and funds management.
3- Managing the beneficiaries and business entities
4- Information management
5- The role of companies in societal development

Requirements for the Business Administration course in English:

Those wishing to join the online course of business administration must have a good internet connection
Medium knowledge of English.
Course enrollees are not required to have any prior background in business administration

Explain how to register for a business administration course in English:

You can join the course by creating an account on the Future Learn educational platform, then going to the course page and choosing a suitable start date for you. All the official links are below.
Business Management Certificate of Limited Duration King’s College London offers everyone on this course a free digital upgrade.
So that you can experience the full benefits of studying online for free.
This means that you get:
Unlimited access to this course Get any articles, videos and exams within the course a certificate approved by the university in PDF format to prove after the successful completion of the course.

Application deadline:

The course is available at various times throughout the year.
However, obtaining the free certificate is available in a limited way

Duration of the course :

4 weeks average
4 hours per week

Website link: https://www.futurelearn.com/

Course link: http://bit.ly/2XPFLcK

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