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Who is a psychologically correct person:

He is a human being who has the ability to love and be loved, who can handle changes and uncertainty with a reasonable degree of fear. He takes calculated adventures, expresses many colors of feelings and expresses his thoughts.

His connection to truth is reasonable, and he lives in a world that sharpens his imagination. He has a sufficient amount of self-knowledge and the ability to admit his mistake and learn from it. One of the most important questions that the psychiatrist asks himself in evaluating the patient: Is this person coming to the clinic sick or has a real disorder, or is it an emergency symptom and will disappear with the disappearance of the cause?

The second question: If this person is ill, or has a disorder or mental deficiency, is this disorder related to a lack of intelligence, or a chronic problem in personality, or is there an emergency disease that was not present and occurred to that person? If there is a disease, is it neurotic or psychotic?

Mental illness usually has a clear onset in the timeline, and with correct treatment it usually has a clear end also on the timeline.

In this course, we will discuss: the concept of mental disorders and psychotherapy, mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mental health and its relationship to pregnancy and lactation, hyperactivity and lack of focus, addiction and ways to treat it, and dementia. As well as what types of treatment are appropriate for each case.

In the Mental Disorders course you will learn:

The concept of mental disorders and psychotherapy
Mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic disorders, and personality disorders
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Mental health and its relationship to pregnancy and lactation
Hyperactivity and lack of concentration
The causes of addiction and ways to treat it

Course outline of mental disorders and their treatment:

Unit 1: Introduction to understanding mental disorders and their treatment
Module Two: Mood Disorders and Anxiety
The third unit: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Module 4: Psychotic Disorders
The fifth unit: mental health and its relationship to pregnancy and lactation
The sixth unit: hyperactivity and lack of concentration
Module Seven: Personality Disorders
Unit 8: Addiction
The ninth unit: dementia
Module 10: Sleep Disorders
Unit eleventh: Psychotherapy

Explanation of how to register for a course on mental disorders and their treatment:

You should first log in to the Edraak platform
Click on the phrase “Register now” on the left of the screen and create a free account on the educational platform of Edraak by filling in the usual information on any website such as: (email, username, full name, password, and return the password).
After registration, a message will be sent to you on your email that you registered on the Edraak website with the activation link, click on it. You will be transferred to the site and your account will be activated directly.
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You must follow the lessons and seminars continuously and pass the exam for each unit separately in order to be able to obtain a certificate of successful completion of the training course upon completion.

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