Free courses from Saylor Academy with free international coded certificates 2021


Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative founded in 2008 with the goal of making and offering free, open and online courses to anyone who wants to self-learn from anywhere around the world.

Saylor Academy is an organizational member of Open Education Global, a global, non-profit network that supports the advancement of open education
Saylor Academy is a partner institution of the OERu Network. Coordinated by the OER Foundation, the OERu Network of Institutions offers free online courses and affordable paths to academic credit for students around the world.
Saylor Academy is the co-sponsor of Connecting Credentials. Managed by a skilled workforce company, with support from the Lumina Foundation, Connecting Credentials supports stakeholders in the movement to improve accreditation in the United States.
Saylor Academy is an organizational member of CAEL, the Council on Adult Education and Experiential Learning. As a member, we support CAEL’s mission to advocate and innovate in promoting learning opportunities for every adult.
Saylor Academy offers, through its platform, nearly 100 full-fledged educational courses at the university and professional level, not linked to a specific schedule and available free of charge. Whether you are looking for career advancement, degree completion, professional development, or self-learning, you can start immediately to join this institution.

Free Course Specializations from Saylor Academy:

The Saylor platform offers educational courses in several different fields, namely:
art history
Business Management
communication skills
Computer Science
Political Science
Learning Skills

Free Course Certificates from Saylor Academy:

Saylor courses offer free certificates of completion for any course you study and obtain university accreditation without fees from educational institutions partnering with the Academy. Each certificate includes your name as well as a detailed course description with your ID.

Final certification exam:

As for the exam, you go down at the bottom of each lesson you enter to find your Certificate Final Exam that you will enter when you are ready to pass the exam. Of course, the site gives you several points that you must adopt before passing any exam:
You will have two (2) hours to complete this test
You must wait 7 days between consecutive attempts for this test
The test questions are spread across multiple pages
Test questions will have several reasonable options; Make sure to choose the answer that fits each part of the question
Your answers are saved every time you move to another page of the test
You can answer the questions in any order
You can jump directly to any question by clicking on its number in the navigation panel
You can flag a question to remind yourself to come back to it later
You will receive your score as soon as you submit your answers
Passing score of 70% or higher

Saylor Academy Free Courses Method:

Students can register for the online course by following the following steps:
To register on the site, you go here and click on Create new account, then Next, then Next, then Next, to show you an interface where you will enter your data and information about you. Then after filling all the windows, click on Create my new account.
Go to the available courses page from here. And out. There are all lessons in various fields. You choose the field you want to study, then click on it to show you all the lessons that field contains. Then you enter any lesson you want and start or start studying it.
Congratulations … good luck

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