Free online courses from the American University of Switzerland with a free certificate


About the American University of Switzerland:

Eyouth is an Egyptian social start-up company to empower, train and enter youth in the labor market. It was founded in 2010 by Alaa Obeida and Mustafa Abdel Latif, and is based in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as its headquarters.
EYouth operates by offering various training programs in the fields of entrepreneurship, youth employment, personal skills development and community development. It also provides initiators with the counseling, guidance and advice they need to start and develop their business, and ultimately connect them with investors.

The courses develop the following skills:

personal skills
time management
Problem-solving skills
Critical thinking skills
Effective communication skills
leading businesses
Five steps to setting up a successful startup
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Specifications of emerging projects
Labor market skills
work law
Understanding the work environment
Self-employment skills
The importance of using the Internet
How to be an ideal employee
CV and personal interviews

Benefits of the American University of Switzerland courses:

Students from all Arab countries can join, students get the following benefits:

Registration is free
Unlimited access to course contents
Free certified certificate that can be downloaded in pdf format after completing the course
The student is not required to have a prior background
Eyouth certificates jointly with the American University of Switzerland
At the end of the courses, you will receive a certificate of attendance from Eyouth and the American University of Switzerland
Each certificate includes your own name with your own ID.

Explanation of the method of registering in the courses of the American University of Switzerland:

Students can register for the online course by following the following steps:
To register on the site and click on New Registration, an interface appears with you where you will enter your data and information about you. Then, after filling in all the frames, click on Register.
You choose the field you want to study, then click on it to show you all the lessons that field contains. After that, you enter any lesson you want and start studying it.

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