Free E-Business Accounting Course with Free Certificate


Course prerequisites:

Basic knowledge of accounting
Basic knowledge of e-commerce

E-Business Accounting Course Description ?:

Welcome to this full course on Accounting in Ecommerce Study.

By taking this course, you will learn:

A) The different business models of e-commerce companies
B) How to deal with the recognition of revenue earned in the e-commerce business
C) The timing of the recognition of revenues generated in the e-commerce business
D) Cost related to e-commerce business
E) Accounting entries for GST in e-commerce business.

Why Should You Take an E-Business Accounting Course?

This course will give you both theoretical and practical knowledge about the accounting aspects related to e-commerce business, and it is considered a need of the hour, especially in light of the GST changes in India.

Any prior knowledge required to take this course?

Yeah! You must have basic knowledge of e-commerce, information technology, and accounting.

How is the e-business accounting course organized ??

This course is structured in self-learning method.
Mind maps are used for presentation purpose and will ensure logical flow of content.

How do you listen to lectures?

Please use the headset for active listening.

Who is this course for:
Final students
Finance professionals
Entrepreneurs who run an e-commerce business
Online trainers

How to register for an e-business accounting course?

Students can register for the online course by following the following steps:

Create an account on the platform
Go to the course page
After that click on Enroll now and then click on Start course

Course link:

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