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About the Professional Work Basics course:

Young people in most parts of our Arab world are racing for limited jobs in many sectors. Perhaps the opportunity for technical and university education, provided for many of them, the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and technical skill. In this matter they are almost equal. Imagine with me a young man or woman, who would like to work in a job within the specialty that he studied and trained in. That young man’s field could be in computer programming, nursing, accounting, marketing, graphic design, or anything else. This young man applies for a job, and discovers that he is competing with dozens of young men and women for that job. What will distinguish it from others as long as everyone is a graduate of a technical institute, college, or university, and thus have acquired the necessary information to work in that field? There is no doubt that what distinguishes that person from others, when technical knowledge is almost equal, are human skills. In this course, we explore the most important behaviors that are characterized by successful people in their work. Whether you are a new employee or a seasoned worker, you will enter a new world, linking advice with an example, and story with reality. In this course, we answer questions that go beyond the technical knowledge that is a must for every worker or job seeker, to an exploration of some human skills that distinguish some workers from others.

What you will learn in the Professional Business Fundamentals course:

Self-knowledge, its preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and how to assess it.
How to develop oneself
How to develop emotional intelligence
How to manage time and stress
How to resolve the conflict
How to integrate with a new culture
How to behave during the first job
How to plan and manage successful meetings

Curriculum outline in the Professional Business Fundamentals course:

Module 1: Business Etiquette and Individual Performance in a Work Environment
The second unit: emotional intelligence
The third unit: work culture and institutions
Fourth Unit: Managing Meetings

How to register for the Professional Business Basics course:

Students can register for the online course by following the following steps:
Create an account on Edraak
Activate your account by e-mail.
Go to the Core page
Click on Join Now.

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