Clinical Nutrition Course Free Online Course 2021


We all know that different nutrients are essential for human growth and for carrying out various daily activities. But do the benefits of food stop here or go beyond it to become a method of prevention or treatment of many chronic diseases? And what is the relationship of food to the emergence of some chronic diseases through the effect on the microorganisms that live in our intestines? The possibility of providing food in situations of wars and disasters is a real problem that threatens human life, so what are the health risks that appear in such cases? What supportive foods are there to avoid? Through the modules of this course, we will try to answer these questions to get acquainted with the concept of therapeutic nutrition, relying on modern scientific research in the field of food and individual health. And we will try to shed light on recent research trends in the field of human nutrition and spread health awareness related to food.

In the Clinical Nutrition course you will learn:

Functional foods and their preparation methods
Most important functional ingredients (omega fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics, skimmed foods)
Intestinal flora as the first line of defense in the body that affects one’s health
The effect of food and different nutritional components on the intestinal flora
Food supplement for different health conditions
Malnutrition problems in war and disaster situations
The most important supportive food used in war and disaster situations

Contents of the Therapeutic Nutrition Course:

The first unit: functional foods
The second unit: the concept of intestinal flora and its relationship to chronic diseases
The third unit: nutritional supplements
The fourth unit: Nutrition in situations of wars and disasters

Explain how to register for a clinical nutrition course:

Entering the Edraak platform
Register on the platform by filling in the basic information such as mail, name, etc.
After that, enter the course you want

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