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Details of your weight loss regimen cycle:

Course: Always open
Effort required: one hour
Level: Beginner level

Your Weight Loss Diet is a free course offered by Edraak that deals with the importance of a healthy diet, how to prepare a balanced diet to lose weight, in addition to how to maintain the ideal weight after the diet has ended. The course aims to help the individual realize the long-term impact of the quality of the food he consumes on a daily basis, and thus change his eating habits, respectively.

Your special weight loss regimen course helps you understand the basic steps involved when planning weight loss programs, each according to the nature of his body and its requirements, with the aim of reaching an appropriate weight by following a diet to lose weight in a healthy way within a specific time frame and at a realistic rate of weight loss, represented by losing one kilogram per kilogram. the week.

Your Weight Loss System course targets healthy adults who do not have any chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, and more. The course begins with educating the learner about healthy body weight according to gender, age and height, and the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

Losing and maintaining weight requires planning and will, and we must set our goals for losing weight and put them in mind to motivate us to achieve them. Your Weight Loss System course provides information based on proven scientific evidence for planning weight loss programs that are safe and effective, as opposed to some common weight loss diets that may be harmful to health.

However, your special weight loss regimen course does not guarantee the learner to lose weight by completing this course, but he will obtain the required awareness regarding healthy body weight and the basic nutritional components for preparing a diet to maintain weight after losing it, in addition to the necessary initial steps to follow. A lifestyle regimen to lose weight successfully.

It is worth noting that the course on your special weight loss regimen does not provide any information for people who have any sensitivity to certain types of food, but it shows realistic goals for losing weight for healthy people, as a person can follow a balanced diet to lose weight, repeat and intensify it according to the nature of his body and his nutritional needs. The course also shows how to control hunger and eating related to the emotional state of a person.

Also, through this course, you will learn how a weight-loss lifestyle relates to dieting to maintain lost weight, how to develop a plan to monitor and evaluate food intake and exercise and the progress of goals and strategies set and adjust them as needed to continue losing weight for 6 months or more.

Create your own weight loss regimen through this free course from Edraak, in which you will learn how to prepare and follow a diet to lose weight in a healthy way, in addition to learning strategies for grocery shopping, eating in restaurants and social events, and how to maintain the ideal weight after the diet ends.

On your personal weight loss regimen course, you will learn:

How to follow a lifestyle to lose weight
Preparing a diet to lose weight in a healthy way
How to make a healthy diet and stick to it
How to plan weight loss programs
How to maintain the ideal weight after the end of the diet
Follow a weight-maintenance diet with exercise
What is a healthy body weight
The importance of eating a balanced diet to lose weight

Contents of Your Weight Loss System Course:

The first unit: setting goals
Module Two: Defining the List
Module Three: Eating in restaurants and establishing a support system
The fourth unit: Catalysts

Explain how to apply for your special weight loss regimen course:

1- Entering the Edraak platform website
2- Opening an account on the Edraak website by filling in the information. To register, click here
3- Confirm the account via a message received by email
4- Enter the course link below

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