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Leadership skills is a free course offered by Edraak that deals with the concept of leadership and its importance, in addition to the various aspects of successful leadership, related to the personality of the leader, his psychological traits and behaviors, through the role of the employees in the organization and how to motivate and involve them in the decision-making process and the positive impact on them. Problems and biases within work teams and how to combat them and lead the process of change in companies and institutions.

The leadership skills course also deals with a presentation of some modern leadership concepts such as transformational leadership, authentic leadership, honest leadership and others, highlighting the role of the successful leader in changing the institutional culture for the better, whether in relation to the organization’s performance and productivity in general or in resolving disputes between employees, listening to them, understanding their problems and answering them. Their inquiries.

In the Leadership Skills course, the learner will learn the elements of leadership, the principles of successful leadership, and the personal characteristics of a successful leader, which include emotional intelligence, honesty, transparency, the ability to inspire, focus, possess nerves, punctuality, prioritization, and others. The course also presents a real case study in which the learner will get acquainted with successful pioneers and leaders such as Malcolm X and Maxim Shaya and others who have leadership skills and the qualities of a successful leader.

In addition, the Leadership Skills course provides a full explanation of the methods of motivation, motivation, internalization, sources of power, and the pyramid of human needs, as well as how to exploit all these matters and employ them in raising the level of productivity within the organization and leading projects in a better way by defining desired goals and designing jobs to motivate oneself, manage expectations and achieve Equity and parity among employees.

Successful leadership skills lie in recognizing and applying the principles of successful leadership, among which is the ability to solve disputes between employees and eliminate them fairly. In this regard, the Leadership Skills course explores the different roles of a leader and how to lead work groups in the Arab world and make decisions in work teams, group thinking and the role of Leader in combating group decision biases, as well as peer pressure and social dependency.

The Leadership Skills course explains many of the foundations and modern concepts in leadership and management, such as changing leadership, leadership communication, and others.It also provides an introduction to the most important qualities and behaviors that a successful leader must possess to become an inspiring leader, as well as the elements of leadership, successful leadership skills and how to be motivated in leadership.

The Leadership Skills course is part of the Leadership and Teamwork Skills Specialization. It helps the learner understand what work is, the importance of specialization in work, the stages of team development and conflict resolution between them. It also shows the judge’s role in dealing with resistance to change and the role of workers in the leadership process.

Learn about the concept of leadership and its importance in this free course from Edraak, which also deals with leadership skills, qualities of a successful leader, the importance of motivation in leadership and its impact on employees in the organization, in addition to leading positive change in social culture and the basics of leadership communication.

You will learn leadership skills:

Project management and leadership
Personality traits of the emotional intelligence leader
An introduction to motivation and sources of strength
The pyramid of human needs
Motivation by designing stimulating functions
Specialization in work
The leader’s role in conflict resolution
Communication leadership
Leading change
Social culture and change
Transformational leadership and honest leadership

Leadership Skills Course Outline:

Module 1: An introduction to traits and behaviors
Module Two: Motivation, Intrinsic and Motivation
Module Three: Teams of Work and Conflict Resolution
The fourth unit: Leading change and modern concepts of leadership

Explanation of how to apply for a leadership skills course:

1- Entering the Edraak platform website
2- Opening an account on the Edraak website by filling in the information. To register, click here
3- Confirm the account via a message received by email
4- Enter the course link below

Course link: http://bit.ly/388AnHa

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