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Preparatory Statistics and Life is a free course offered by Edraak that targets school and university students in particular and introduces them to basic concepts in statistics. The course also talks about the definition of statistics and its various types so that the learner realizes the importance of statistics science in the modern era and how we can benefit from it and the role of statistics in everyday life far away For books and study in addition to his role in other sciences.

The Preparatory Statistics and Life course provides an adequate introduction to statistics, and explains the concept of descriptive statistics and the concept of inferential statistics in detail to make them easy for the learner to understand, in addition to clarifying the titles of community and sample statistics, types of samples, variables, constants, primary statistical data, frequency distributions and Graphically represent the frequency distributions and measures of central tendency from raw data and frequency tables.

In this introduction to statistics, we shed light on the definition and types of statistics, as it is a science that polarizes data, collects, summarizes, analyzes and interprets it to reach results that benefit us in studying society, and statistics can be classified as one of the branches of mathematics that falls in other fields of sciences such as physics and biology. And social and political sciences, business, management, and more.

As for the types of statistics, we have two main types of it, namely: Descriptive statistics, which are relied upon in describing a group of data in the form of a sample, by calculating special values ​​such as the mean, mean and standard deviation, which allows understanding the nature of the sample on which the study was conducted and its original environment. More on this type of statistics, through the Preparatory Statistics and Life course.

The second type is inferential statistics, which is based on motivating the researcher to access statistical information by inferring and inquiring about the characteristics of the sample and conducting a statistical distribution of the sample data. There are several stages that the researcher goes through in statistics science, the first of which is data collection, then inspection and observation, then graphing, data merging, and application of hypotheses by studying and testing a random sample, and finally, forecasting and applied statistics.

The Preparatory Statistics and Life course includes the role of statistics in daily life and the importance of statistics in management and other areas of statistical application. The course explains measures of dispersion from primary data and frequency tables and the effect of linear transformations on measures of central tendency and dispersion, in addition to the standard normal distribution and finding probabilities using Normal distribution, computation of areas under the standard normal curve, and hypothesis testing.

The Preparatory and Life Statistics course has been prepared by a specialized team to clarify the role of statistics in life and the importance of statistics in management and help design methods for collecting data, interpreting and analyzing them, drawing conclusions and explaining statistical experiments, statistical accident relationships, representation of groups of accidents, types of accidents and their probabilities and random variables, in addition to To the tables of probability distributions and the binomial distribution.

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In the Statistics Preparatory and Life course you will learn:

Defining statistics and its types through an introduction to statistics, its concepts and basic probabilities.
Helping learners realize the importance of statistics in the modern era.
Developing statistical intuition in handling random phenomena.
Areas of application of statistics science and addressing life problems with a statistical perspective.
Explain the role of statistics in daily life and in research designs.

Statistics Preparatory and Life Cycle Outline:

Module 1: General Introduction to Statistics
The second unit: the descriptive statistics of a single variable
The third unit: Probabilities
Module 4: Introduction to Natural Distribution

Explanation of the method of application in the Statistics Preparatory and Life course:

1- Entering the Edraak platform website
2- Opening an account on the Edraak website by filling in the information. To register, click here
3- Confirm the account via a message received by email
4- Enter the course link below

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