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Information about the mind mapping course:

Cycle time: 1 hour
Level: Beginner level

Learn one hour about mind maps! A free, short, and quick course presented by Edraak that explains the concept of a mind map, its uses, benefits, steps for its implementation, mental planning, and areas of thinking and creativity in this regard. Maps can be used in all areas of life, as they help us improve performance by replacing words with graphics, making our ideas organized, concise, comprehensive, and easy to remember at the same time. Design a mind map with us!

Mind maps are defined as images that contain graphics that have special symbols included in the so-called key to the map, which is easy for us to understand. There are several types of these maps, as they can indicate different geographical locations on the surface of the earth, or the population density of people in a particular area, or the terrain and climate, or even matters of our personal life.

Through the Mind Maps course, we will learn in just one hour how we can draw our own mental map in all its details and in a simple way. Additionally, we will learn how we can use the map to organize any aspect of our lives, be it school, work, or personal household arrangements, with adults or children.

Mind maps in themselves are not a new concept in the world, but their use has increased in recent times due to people discovering that they can take advantage of their thinking reserves and employ their energies in new ways to express their thoughts and interests and project them on paper or even digitally using one of the modern electronic programs specially designed for this. the purpose.

Mind maps emerged as a modern method of thinking, creativity and expression, by drawing a scheme that combines writing, symbols, drawings, colors and images, aiming to convey what is in the designer’s mind to the person familiar with this map. This is done by analyzing the drawings to understand the desired meaning behind them, linking the meanings of words to these pictures, and then linking these meanings with each other.

There are several synonyms for the concept of mind maps, as they are also called brain maps, cognitive maps, mental maps, concept trees, topics trees, and so on.
May the map in the mind to reflect this way the human mind works. Mind maps are one of the most successful methods of study, as they enable students to link all information to each other and return to it to extract the required information at any time.

During this interactive course, we will deal with two examples of maps, the first of which is related to time management, and the second deals with the topic of global warming and how we can address it. In this course, we will need a set of papers and colored pencils throughout the learning period in order to train how to draw our mind map step by step.

Learn all about mind maps in this free course and the principles of mind planning. Create a mind map with awareness in which to display your thoughts and simplify for others to absorb them visually in a fun and engaging way, so let’s start the journey.

In the Mind Maps course you will learn:

Types and benefits of mind maps
How to learn through mind maps
Fundamentals and principles of mind planning
Create an organized, concise, and comprehensive mind map
New ways of creativity and expression within the mental map
Steps to easily create a mind map and the tools required to create it
The role of the brain and its left and right parts in the way of thinking and creativity
The different solutions that mind maps provide and the problems they address

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