The Six Axes of Success Course The most powerful cycle for success in your life


One of the most important steps to success in life is setting rational goals and focusing on achieving them according to priority, continuity of learning, replacing bad habits with positive ones, investing time appropriately, finding a balance between work, study and life, self-confidence, accepting results whatever they are and relying on God in every step, It does not hurt to have people who wish you well to be close to family and friends to support you in all your steps.

Success has many positive effects on the successful person and those around him, as it leads to happiness and opens big doors for the successful person he did not dream of, which increases his self-confidence and leads to more successes in his life and helps him create an ambitious generation by being a role model for him. In the field of success skills, and through the Six Axes of Success course we will talk about the relationship between happiness and success.

The Six Pillars of Success course does not deal with a scientific material as much as it deals with a presentation of the most important skills related to self-development and human development in a way that puts people on the first path to success. In contrast to similar materials, this course relies on understanding the reality in the Arab countries, explaining the most important obstacles in our Arab environment, and internalizing the success stories worth mentioning by Arab pioneers.

Learn about the six axes of success in this free course of Success Skills, presented by Edraak, that will put you on the first path to happiness and success in your life.

On the Six Pillars of Success course, you will learn:

How to establish a positive habit and break a bad habit.
The possibility of influencing the course of life.
What is the learned deficit and how do we overcome it?
The strength and skills of positive thinking.
Internal stimulation.
Life balance achieved through smart time management.
Positive interaction with others.
The principle of respect in the work environment.
Personal entitlement.
Good example and its importance in success.
Arab experiences of success.
The role of mental strength in the success process.

Contents of the Six Pillars of Success course:

The first unit: The Six Axes of Success
Unit Two: The Importance of Human Values
Module Three: Importance and Mechanisms of Goal Setting
The fourth unit: the importance of vital and positive interaction with others

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3- Confirm the account via a message received by email
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