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Marketing startups course details:

Course period: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate level

Are you an entrepreneur, or you have your own project, or even have an idea and want to develop it, or maybe you have a passion for marketing? The Marketing Startups course is designed to meet your passion for learning, as the course aims to help people manage startups and advance their businesses by employing appropriate marketing tools that are compatible with the company’s resources and satisfy the needs and desires of the target market.

The Marketing Startups course targets a number of categories. It is aimed first at people who have put the first block in their project. Second, the people who are still in the development stage of the idea and before the launch of the project. Third, people with entrepreneurial tendencies who aspire to create an idea and launch their project in the near future. Finally, people who want to delve into marketing topics and have a passion for learning and exploration.

Our educational journey in the Marketing Startups course consists of four sequential parts designed to help the learner build his ideas and his business model in a scientific and gradual way that begins with acquiring the basic concepts in the science of marketing until he reaches an advanced stage through which he is able to market small and medium enterprises and manage startups in a way. Professional.

First, the marketing of emerging projects course deals with the definition of marketing, its types and dimensions, and then introduces the basic concepts of this science such as competitive advantage, digital marketing, and the marketing mix and its four basic elements, and why the marketing mix is ​​used. After that, he deals with the division and targeting of the market and the substitution of the product, as he studies the S-T-P model, what the market is, defining its characteristics, and the mechanism for determining the target group or groups.

The second part of the course introduces the term competitive advantage, the recruitment mechanism, and finally the introduction to the startup replacing mechanism in the target market. The third part defines marketing and its types, relationship marketing and its elements, the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) for emerging companies and the benefits of its application, types, performance indicators for the effectiveness of this system, and finally it defines a number of programs that startups can use.

The fourth and final part of the Emerging Enterprise Marketing course deals with how to prepare a successful strategy in terms of digital marketing through social media platforms, by learning about its concept, types, features, and strategy development steps, and identifying a number of important tools to help startups manage social media platforms. Finally, knowing the things to avoid when employing these platforms.

Each part of the Marketing Startups course contains a large number of real-life examples, exercises, evaluation tests, and interviews with owners of Arab startups to discuss how to market small and medium enterprises. The dialogue forum will also be available for interaction and communication in case of any inquiries or suggestions. We wish you an enjoyable and exciting educational trip.

The Marketing Emerging Projects course provides the opportunity to attend a specialized training workshop in the field of marketing of emerging projects for the best twelve participants, and the opportunity to communicate with one of the entrepreneurial entrepreneurs who will share their experiences in the course. Register now to answer questions such as why use the marketing mix and others.

In the Enterprise Marketing course, you will learn:

Definition and types of marketing along with its basic concepts
Why use the marketing mix and what are its four essential elements
Small and Medium Enterprise Marketing and the S-T-P Model
The mechanism for determining the target group or groups, the definition of the term competitive advantage, and the recruitment mechanism
Steps to develop a social media marketing strategy
The concept of relationship marketing and its constituent elements
The concept of digital marketing, its types and features
How to manage startups, the importance of managing their customer relationships, and the benefits of applying this system

Contents of the project marketing course:

Unit 1: The Science of Marketing and Startups
The second unit: market segmentation and targeting and product substitution
Module Three: Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Fourth Unit: Preparing a successful digital marketing strategy through social media

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