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Business plan details:

Required effort: 8 hours
Available: The course is publicly available
Level: Intermediate level


Habash return
He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of financial advisory, training and investment.

Building a business plan for your own project The project ideas are many and numerous, but the ability to transform these ideas into a real reality through financially viable and profitable projects is another matter. As Addison puts it: “Seeing without execution is a hallucination.” This course is an opportunity to transform your project idea into a business plan that draws a roadmap for you to ensure the success of your project. Whether this is a new project or an existing project, you want to expand it in a financially viable way. In this course, you will learn about the components of a business plan and build a business plan for your project.

What you will learn from the business plan:

Realize the importance of the business plan
Familiarize yourself with the business plan users
Understand your motivations in building your own business
Start building a business plan for your own business
Write your own business plan
Understanding the components of the business plan

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