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Google announced the availability of the project management specialty, data analysis and user experience, in addition to the IT major. We spoke about it last time. 4 online specializations with a duration of 3 to 6 months equivalent to 4 university years (Iowa, 4 university years, like what I visited) and can be taken for free.
At the end of the post, I will write to you the link of the news. You can make sure of every word for yourself. I know here in Sudan. Unfortunately, we still have no doubts about the subject of online education, but the world has changed and it is necessary to keep pace with the change and not to go to your place.

Areas covered by majors:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Project management
  3. User experience designer
  4. IT field

The majors are recognized and their degrees are accredited by the largest companies, and of course Google is well known.
The courses are available through the Coursera platform, I mean, you can take them from your home while you are comfortable, but I need a phone, a net and a determination

What is this specialty?

These are online courses on the Coursera website for a period of 3 to 6 months, including one field.

What are the requirements?

Even if you do not have a university degree, there is no need to apply.
Google is the status of practical experiences on people who did not have university degrees or employed simple jobs, and through this diploma, they got jobs in excellent companies.
This could be your chance if circumstances let you down and prevent you from entering a university. Work hard on yourself, take the diploma and create an account on LinkedIn and develop your skills on it.
Search Google and YouTube to receive any information you need to know about LinkedIn
How much? The course is approximately $ 68, and one specialization includes 4 or more courses, but you can take it for free. Heyyyyev?

By applying for financial support. This topic is easy, but I write seriously. When the course opens, you receive the written Financial Aid Available, click it and fill in the form and submit for each course in the major separately.

When you submit, be honest and trustworthy, Coursera accepts all written requests seriously. Models are transferred from the Internet by easily disclosing them via plagiarism, and they communicate your request throughout.

You can look at the online forms to get a general idea and improve your writing, but don’t convey it.

Do not forget, after choosing the major, you will open each course separately and provide financial support for each course separately. That is, repeat the same steps in every course, use the same answer in all financial support requests in one major

If you register for free through Enroll for free, you will be asked to request financial support. The financial support request will be answered by e-mail after two weeks. After accepting the financial support, you have 180 days in which you must finish the course, otherwise you are not able to take the certificate.

Website registration link:

Data Analysis Specialization Link:

Project Management Specialization Link:

UI design specialty link:

IT specialization link:

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