A fully funded training opportunity in the Netherlands is available to all Arab students 2021


Details of the internship funded in the Netherlands:

Host country: Netherlands (Amsterdam).
Donor: The Netherlands Education Group.
Duration of training: 3 to 6 months.
For students from all countries of the world.
All students and graduates of any qualification can apply.
You do not need a language certificate.
There is no specific age.
The application is available throughout the year.
Date of announcing results: 3 weeks after sending the application.
Submission is directly via e-mail, there is no fee for your application.

About the funded training in the Netherlands:

It will work on real labor issues raised in the work of the Dutch Education Group. You will work in a team trying to solve actual business problems and think together about new ways of developing the organization. The fellowship will allow you to develop your creativity and leadership skills.
You will have the opportunity to meet amazing people, work in a team of international talent from all over the world, and develop yourself
You’ll work in a creative team that thinks together directions for enterprise development. You can also give presentations of your ideas and work in a team on designing new ideas.
You will be required to visit several organizations that represent the mission of the Dutch Education Group.
Demonstrating the trainees’ motivation and ability to make a significant contribution to our work, we would like to offer the opportunity to visit Amsterdam and work here together to find other ways to develop the organization.

Advantages of funded training in the Netherlands:

  1. Airline tickets cover round trip to and from the Netherlands.
  2. It covers accommodation in Amsterdam (distinguished accommodation).
  3. Provide meals.
  4. Help you obtain a visa to enter the Netherlands.

Conditions for applying for a funded internship in the Netherlands:

  1. Proficiency in the English language (language proof is not required).
  2. You have a Facebook account.
  3. A strong internet connection.
  4. Good communication skills.

Required documents for internships funded in the Netherlands:

  1. CV (to be on the European way).
  2. A professional letter of intent “A letter consisting of one to two papers written by the student explaining what distinguishes him, the reasons for his choice of this opportunity and his aspirations for the development of himself and the community.” .
    Papers are prepared and sent to this email: [email protected]
    The title of the sent message must be:
    “Fellowship in Amsterdam (Summer Internship).

Source: Shabab Talanted

Training link: https://bit.ly/3lGCveW

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