Free Excel Course for All Arabs 2021


This material is considered the starting point in the Excel series for all Arabs comprehensive for professional work on the program, and the base on which we will build to continue in the subsequent sessions of the same series

About the lecturer:

Hani Nawaya
Data Management Trainer
Founder of the Distance Learning Platform
A trainer specialized in managing and analyzing data of various kinds

The Excel course for all Arabs:

The first section: the basics of working on the program

• Download and install the program
• Create new files
• The program interface
• Create a custom tab
• Quick access tools
• Modify the default settings of the program
• Zoom in and out skills
• Mobility skills between cells
• Cell identification skills
Navigation and selection (within the contents of a specific cell)
• Types of Autofill
Fill multiple cells with specific values
• Connecting cells

Section Two: Sorting and Filtering

First – the screening process:
• Sorting texts and numbers
• Sorting dates, times and percentages
• chromatography
• custom sorting
Second – Liquidation Process:
Filter numbers and texts (Part 1)
Filtering Numbers and Text (Part Two)
• Filter percentages
• Filter dates
Filter timings

Section Three: Police Coordination

Simple Conditional Formatting (Part 1)
Simple Conditional Formatting (Part Two)
Dynamic Police Formatting (Part 1)
Dynamic Police Formatting (Part Two)
Dedicated Police Coordination (Part 1)
Dedicated Police Coordination (Part Two)
Dedicated Police Coordination (Part Three)

Section 4: 20 main Excel functions

First: the main statistical functions
SUM addition (first part)
SUM addition function (Part 2)
Maximum value MAX
Minimum value MIN
• LARGE arrangement function
SUMIFs conditional addition function (Part 1)
SUMIFs condition addition function (Part 2)
• Average function with terms of AVERAGEIFs
• COUNTIFs condition count function
• Drop-down lists within the conditional statistical functions
Second: the date functions
• Modify date settings for the computer and the EXCEL program
• DAYS calculation function
o Show TODAY date
o Order the day of the week WEEKDAY
Third: Text Functions
• TRIM text separation function
• TEXT number conversion function
Fourth: the IF Conditional Function
The IF Conditional Function (Part 1)
The IF conditional function (Part 2)
The IF Conditional Function (Part 3)
The IF conditional function (Part 4)

Fifth: VLOOKUP search function

VLOOKUP (Part 1)
VLOOKUP (Part 2)
VLOOKUP (3rd part)

Sixth: Various Functions

• HYPERLINK direct link function
RANDBETWEEN random number generation function (part 1)
RANDBETWEEN random number generation function (Part 2)
• CHOOSE selection function

Excel course outputs for all Arabs:

At the end of the course you will be able to:
• Dealing with various data with high skills and professionalism
• Performing the basic operations in the program (sorting – filtering – distinguishing data with conditions – restricting input … etc.)
• Mastering the main functions in the program
• Designing medium accounting programs
• Create simple employee records
• Designing simple programs for searching and extracting data
• Create simple interactive data charts

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