Free online course How to start your project?


After reviewing the content of many of the courses that were presented in the field of how to start your project, we found that there is a gap that needs to be filled, especially with regard to the effectiveness of applying the content and measuring the impact of the content on the output. At that time, we began creating the content for our course with a focus on building the content on the following:

Ease of information delivery and application.
Short period.
Integration of modern business applications into the content.
Enabling the trainee to avoid falling into costs burdens that are not commensurate with the cash flow cycle at the beginning of the project.


Magdy Omran is a writer
Financial and administrative advisor and trainer
Professional profile: a licensed consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of experience in: finance, banking, marketing, business development, and hospitality. The holder of practical experience in launching innovative products and services

Course Curriculum How to start your project:

Determine the appropriate level of risk.
Marking industry.
Identify the technical applications necessary to start the project
Preparing a business plan using Lists-Outlook.

Course Outputs How to start your project:

Right start for the entrepreneur
Reducing project operational costs.
The ability to follow up on the performance of the project owner through modern applications and provide appropriate advice.

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