Free online course Personal Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs


This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are constantly thinking about their value and how to improve their lives … Those people who think about what their lives will be like two, five or ten years from now, and have a dream that they are excited to achieve, but they need a roadmap to reach it.

This program will assist participants in developing their personal strategic plans. This program is designed to guide participants through the strategic planning process for their lives. Since practice is better than preaching, I adopted an interactive training model for this program. All exercises are designed to help participants develop their strategic plans step by step because the ultimate goal of this program is for the participant to be able to create his compass that will lead him to change his life.


M. Hanan Awad
Business Management Consultant
M. Hanan Awad is an Egyptian-Canadian business and management consultant, she graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University as a mechanical engineer. The consultant holds a master’s degree in business administration and corporate leadership from the University of Liverpool – Britain, and a master’s degree in planning from the University of Waterloo – Canada.

Contents of the Entrepreneur Personal Strategic Planning Course:

What is personal strategic planning
Why do you need a personal strategic plan as an entrepreneur?
What is a personal strategic plan
Personal strategic planning framework
Pillars of your life as an entrepreneur
Your core values
See your life and your mission
Values ​​your life
Critical Resources
Your life styles and habits
Your personal strategic plan
Follow-up and implementation

expected outcomes:

Personal strategic plan

What you will learn in personal strategic planning for entrepreneurs

At the end of this program, participants will develop their own personal strategic plan – a roadmap for not only reaching their goals but also to re-explore themselves.
Intense content and focused work will make you finish the program with your own plan.

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