Free Online Personal Strategic Planning Course


A course to know your strengths and to identify your weaknesses to remedy them, a course to learn about the opportunities surrounding you, and to avoid the risks that hinder our progress, a course to chart the course of change and build the wheel of life according to a distinctive model

About the lecturer:

Hachadi Hamid
Strategic planning skills trainer
Practitioner in change management according to IMCM
Practitioner in the DCA Methodology for Strategic Planning
EFQM Performance Management Practitioner

Personal Strategic Planning Course Curriculum:

The first axis: course concepts and rules for exiting the comfort zone
The second axis: the development of strategic planning and the outcome of personal achievements
The third axis: the SWOT personality analysis and SMART goals building
The fourth axis: Effective time management tools and laws
The fifth axis: a matrix of managing priorities and lifelong learning skills
The sixth axis: the keys to the balance of lasting health and building a healthy body
The seventh axis: emotional intelligence and ways to build relationships
The eighth axis: soft skills and skill building ladder
The Ninth Axis: Continuous Improvement Tools (Kaizen)
The tenth axis: financial intelligence and the making of the personal project.

The outcomes of the personal strategic planning course:

Knowledge of strategic planning.
Strategic planning skills.
Design a balanced strategic plan.

The course link:

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