Free Online Film Production Course 2021


This course will give you a solid foundation to better understand the films you watch and how to produce them from inception to cinematography

Alison’s educational platform offers a free online course on film production. This free online course on film making and production will give you a solid foundation to better understand the films you watch and how to produce them from start to finish. The areas covered in this course are film subject matter, film genre, narrative structure, character development, film story, directing, cinematography, editing and sound.

What you will learn from the Film Production Course:

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
Determine the difference between the use of themes and genres in films.
Learn about the different subgenres of films.
Describe the mechanics of creating a story and plot.
Discuss how to classify the story into six elements and identify these elements.
Identify the three elements needed to create a 3D character.
Description of the film director’s role.
Recognize common vocabulary and terms used in cinematography.
Identify the basic principles of editing and the different editing methods.
Learn about the different types of audio technologies used in film production.

Duration of the course :
One to two hours

Film production course certificate:

All Alison platform courses are free. However, to successfully complete this course and to be considered an Alison graduate, the participant will need to achieve an 80% or higher grade point average for each course. Once this diploma course is completed, the participant has the option to obtain an official certificate, which is a great way to share their achievement with the world.

Alison offers three types:

Digital Certificate: This can be downloaded in PDF format, and will be available to the participant immediately upon completion of the purchase.
Paper Certificate: A physical copy of the original certificate bearing an official security tag, mailed with free shipping.
Framed Certificate: A physical copy of your diploma with an official security sign in an elegant frame, mailed with free shipping.

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