Free course on the basics and applications of GIS


Contents of the principles and applications of GIS:

Introduction to geographic information systems
The basic components of GIS
Uses of GIS in different fields
Advantages of GIS
Introduction to geographic information systems
GIS applications
The nature of geographical data
Geographical data
Spatial and descriptive data
Dealing with metadata
Create the database
data in geographic information systems
numbering maps (cartography)
The concept of numbering and its importance
Types of punctuation and its advantages
Factors affecting the accuracy of the numbering process
Possible errors when doing the numbering process
ARC GIS Numbering points, lines and polygons within a program
numbering maps (cartography)
take out maps
the map
map basics
take out maps

Course Outcomes:

At the end, the student will be able to deal with geographic information systems

Target group:

Interested in geographic information systems?

GIS Basics and Applications Trainer:

Coach Ahmed Halema

Course link:

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