Accounting and Financial Management course in Arabic with a free certificate


Course details:

Course Validity: Available permanently via the website
Course duration: 6 hours
Level: Intermediate level

About the Accounting and Financial Department:

Accounting and financial management is the main nerve for managing institutions and ensuring their continuity and achieving their desired goals in the short and long term together. It helps institutions verify their financial position by collecting and analyzing symbolic digital data and transforming it into information that helps management and relevant external parties in understanding financial conditions. And take appropriate decisions, in addition to achieving internal control to verify the integrity of the accounting work and the various financial statements. Accounting management is legally mandatory and depends on the preparation of financial statements, while management accounting turns them into information and reports that affect the administrative decisions of institutions. In this course, the student can get acquainted with the basic financial statements as follows:

Income statement: which determines the result of the company’s business from profit or loss for a certain period of time

Balance Sheet: which determines the financial position of the institution for a specific period of time

Statement of cash flows: which reveals the cash inflows and outflows from the institution for a specific period of time. They are necessary to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity and money for the enterprise to pay its various expenses.

Statement of change in equity: It shows the obligations owed to the owners of the establishment or partners

The student will also learn about the most common financial analysis tools such as ratios and financial indicators that determine the relationship between two or more items in the financial statements to access meaningful information to evaluate performance at the end of the period, or for lenders to know the company’s ability to pay, or even for investors to assess each of the degree of risk and investment returns, in addition to proposals for sound cash management and its importance. All of this will be linked to practical scientific exercises that consolidate the various information.

Advantages of the Accounting and Financial Management Course:

Free online accounting course registration
Unlimited access to course contents
A free certified certificate that can be downloaded in pdf format after completing the course
The student is not required to have a prior background (accounting course for non-accountants)

In this course you will learn:

The student learns about the basic financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, change in equity statement).
The student learns about the most common financial analysis tools such as ratios and financial indicators
The student learns about investment tools in the financial markets
The student learns about proper cash management
Practical application to a company through an example that shows the above step by step

Explanation of how to participate in the Accounting and Financial Management course:

1- Create an account on the Edraak platform
2- Confirm the account for the divorced person
3- Go to the course page and click on the word “join now”

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