Free Interactive English Program 2021 course


Course details:

Language: English
Duration: always open
Required effort: 120 hours

About the course:

The Interactive English Program for Continuing Professional Development is a free program offered by Edraak and has been specifically developed to meet the needs and interests of Arabic speaking students. This program will help you learn English and build and develop your overall skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as communication and interpersonal skills.

The interactive English for Continuing Professional Development program is divided into six levels (CEFR), for different age groups, the difficulty of which increases as the learner progresses from the elementary level to the upper intermediate level. Starting from (A1) introductory level for beginners, passing through (A1+) elementary level, (A2) above primary level, (B1) pre-intermediate level, (B1+) intermediate level, and ending with (B2) level above intermediate.

The Interactive English Continuing Professional Development Program seeks to develop and improve the learner’s English language skills. The program focuses on the importance of developing reading and writing skills as well as listening and speaking skills by adopting a phonics approach in teaching the alphabet, decoding letter sounds and reading words at the first level. As the learner progresses through the levels of the Interactive English for Continuing Professional Development Program, they will gain more knowledge and increase their English language proficiency.

Curriculum outline:

Level One: (A1) Pre-Beginners
This level deals with the basic sounds of letters and their combinations in short and simple words, phrases, and sentences.
Level Two: (A1+) Elementary
At this level, you will be able to understand instructions, sentences, simple questions, and guided exchanges.
Third level: (A2) above primary
This level focuses on matching spelling and pronunciation and reading and analyzing simple texts.
Fourth level: (B1) Pre-intermediate
At this level, you will learn how to share and present information in simple and varied contexts and formats as well as analyze and read different texts.
Level 5: Intermediate (+B1)
At this level, you will learn how to use language skills to communicate information and ideas clearly and correctly in simple and diverse contexts.
Sixth Level: (B2) Above Intermediate
At this level, you will learn how to work with information and ideas from different sources for effective participation in different contexts.

In this course you will learn:

The basic and general vocabulary and terms you need to participate and communicate effectively in English on a social and business level.
Identify and understand the general meaning of simple and complex texts that revolve around topics that meet the needs of the learner for the twenty-first century.
Analyze and write simple and deep texts on familiar topics
Participate and talk about topics that keep pace with the needs and interests of the learner for the twenty-first century.
Create clear, detailed, and structured text around specific familiar and unfamiliar topics

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