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Information about the course:

for the Arabic language
starting date
Duration: always open
Required effort: 6 hours
Level: Intermediate level

Business strategies are a set of procedures and initiatives that aim to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for companies, in light of the challenges surrounding business, the most important of which is competition, and changes in the external environment surrounding the operations of companies. This training program aims to provide participants with the skills of analysis and strategic planning, through the use of tools for evaluating the external and internal environment of business, prior to setting strategic and financial goals, and choosing the best ways to reach them.

In this course you will learn:

The importance of analysis and strategic planning
What is the business model? And what are the practical examples of it?
What is the competitive advantage? And how to achieve it?
Analyze the external business environment and identify the driving forces.
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for Business Attractiveness.
Analyze the internal business environment using SWOT analysis.
Identifying and evaluating strategic assets.
The basics of financial analysis as a tool of strategic analysis.
Formulate the vision, mission, and values ​​as essential components of the strategic plan.
How to formulate SMART goals.
The difference between strategic and financial objective.
Types of strategic options and their advantages.

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