Free online course on project risk management


Course information:

Duration: always open
Required effort: 1 hour
Level: Beginner level

This program is built to provide a step-by-step explanation of project risk management processes. Project risk management is usually neglected, which entails many financial losses, non-compliance with the deadlines for deliverables by the client Deadline, including what may lead to the failure of the project to achieve the goals for which it was created. The processes that will be addressed are represented in developing a project risk management plan, identifying risks, conducting a qualitative analysis of risks, conducting a quantitative analysis of risks, developing a risk response plan, applying responses to risks, and finally following up on risks.

In this course you will learn:

Recognize and identify the importance of project risk management and its positive impact in avoiding problems
Understand the nature and types of risks
Recognize the steps for dealing with risks in projects, methods of developing and applying responses, and how to follow them up

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