Goal setting and self-management skills


General details about the course:

Duration: always open
Effort required: 2 hours
Level: beginner level

The goal-setting and self-management skills course is a free course and an essential part of the success and self-development skills specialization. This course deals with the benefits, importance, characteristics, skills, and quality of goal-setting. It also clarifies the concept of self-management and the need to set priorities and work within a team to achieve a common interest, and mentions in passing the importance of setting goals. Educational as well as personal goal setting skills.

Defining goals and planning for the future is the first step of success. Therefore, we have made the goal-setting and self-management skills course a branch of the specialty skills for success and self-development, where you will learn to distinguish between main goals and sub-goals, the basics of delegating powers and responsibilities to people, communication skills with others, and the arts of problem-solving and decision-making. In addition to the importance of innovation, creative thinking and the ability to make positive change.

In this course you will learn:

Recognize the success criteria of successful people and understand maintaining focus to achieve success
Make a comparison between the achievements based on the specific goals and those that occurred without planning, and then determine the direct and indirect benefits of setting goals
Getting to know the criteria for SMART goals
Draw a mind map of personal and professional priorities
Understand the requirements for self-confidence and time management
Recognize the leadership role in assigning tasks
Develop effective communication and listening skills (arranging ideas well and logically)
Analyze problems and challenges and then come up with different alternatives to solve them
Identify obstacles to achievement and easy and simple mechanisms to overcome them
Understand the concepts of innovative creative thinking
Learn about the processes of change and change in human nature
Recognize the difference between individual goals and group goals
Learn the skills needed to help and motivate others

Basic requirements for the course:

This course targets all classes of society, especially young people after the age of 18 who are in the prime of their lives and are looking to organize their lives and determine their destinations.

Curriculum outline:

Module 1: Concepts of goal setting
Module 2: Setting priorities
Module 3: Developing personal and group action plans
Module 4: Organizational skills and teamwork

Course link: https://bit.ly/2YH3zjm

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