Free course from the British Council to learn English Level 2 2021


With the English Level 2 course, you will be able to practice all aspects of the course thanks to the quizzes, discussions and videos that we have provided you with in this course and by using special programs to help you remember new words and phrases that you did not know before.

Learn how to develop your English speaking skill in this free course from Edraak entitled Learn English Level Two, through which you will also learn about simple everyday things such as how to describe places in English and talk about food in English in some detail

In this course you will learn:

Develop English speaking skill and how to use it in common situations.
Describe places in English and talk about your educational and professional experience in English easily.
Basic vocabulary to help you talk about food in English as well as drinks, numbers and prices.
Examples of how English differs from Arabic and how to make sentences about the simple past in English.
Tips to help you pronounce difficult sounds in English such as stress, how sounds link together and how to speak better.
How to gain fluency in English conversation in front of a group of people.
How to better manage conversational English learning in general.

Curriculum outline for the course:

Unit 1: Talking about places
This unit covers how to talk about places and locations, where you are from, where you were raised, where you live, where you study, where you work, etc.
Unit 2: Talking about the past
In this unit you will learn how to talk about your history and past events using simple past tenses to form sentences, as well as how to connect words when speaking.
Unit Three: Talking About Food
Recognize the words and vocabulary used when talking about food and drink and their prices.
Unit Four: Having a Conversation
This unit looks at how to communicate through a conversation and the roles of speaker and listener.
Fifth unit: review of the course
This unit is a review of everything you learned during the course and we will provide a set of exercises to review grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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