Free course from the British Council to learn English Level 3 2021


Learn about the most important English conversation skills in this free course from Edraak entitled “Learning English Level Three” course, through which you will also learn how to use the language while traveling and you will learn how to create sentences about ambition in English in addition to talking about plans and constructing sentences about the future in English.
In the English Level 3 course, you will acquire English conversational skills that will enable you to seamlessly introduce the language into your daily and business life. Including the topic of travel, where in this course you will learn the terminology used in airports and planes, in addition to all related transactions from inquiring about tourist attractions and other things in the countries to which you are traveling

In this course you will learn:

Learn English for free and get to know its main features
Conversational skills in English and the most important vocabulary and terms used in conversations
Learn English conversation naturally and smoothly
How to have a conversation between two people in English on the phone
How to create sentences about ambition in English
How to create sentences about the future in English

Curriculum outline for the course:

Unit 1: Talking about plans and ambitions
This unit deals with how to talk about plans and ambitions for the near and distant future.
Unit Two: Talking on the Phone
In this unit you will learn how to make phone calls.
Module Three: Texting and Emailing
Learn how to send email and text messages.
Unit Four: Travel
This unit covers travel and the terminology used at the airport, the plane, and the country of travel.
Fifth unit: review of the course
This unit is a review of everything you learned during the course and we will provide a set of exercises to review grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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