The strongest free course from the British Council to learn English, level one


The best way to learn conversational English is through practice and you will get it in this educational opportunity that will provide you with English conversations for beginners, quick tests, and discussions using specially developed software to help you remember new words and sentences.

And do not forget one of the most important goal of the first level skills, besides mastering the introduction of yourself in English, which is to help you learn the English language that you can use in your practical life immediately and on a daily basis, whether in the field of study or work.

Thus, after you have completed the first level skills course, you will have built the foundation stone for your journey in learning one of the most important languages ​​in the world that is used in many basic dealings in life, starting with introducing yourself in English and ending with a full conversation on any topic.

In this course you will learn:

The importance of learning the English language conversation with audio and video
The best way to learn English conversation so that you can use it in many situations in your daily life حياتك
How to introduce yourself in English and talk about your routine and future plans
Tips on how to pronounce a foreign language and pronounce words correctly
English conversations for beginners using basic terms like numbers, telling time and more
Examples of how English differs from Arabic, which can be useful for understanding
Tips on the best ways to study a language, to help you be more efficient
Basic requirements
If you are just starting to learn English, this course is for you, as it is aimed at beginners. But even if your level is higher, this course will give you a chance to practice the language and you will find a lot of valuable advice in it!
Please note that the British Council has a global child protection policy, which means that we are unable to include young students (18 years or younger) in all face-to-face or online courses for adults. We therefore regret to inform you that you will not be able to stay in the course if you are 18 years old or younger.

Curriculum outline for the course:

Module 1: Your Personal Information (About You)
This unit deals with how to introduce yourself in English in a formal way during a job interview, for example, or in an informal way during a meeting with new friends.
Module Two: What Time
In this unit, you will learn how to talk about your daily habits and activities from the moment you wake up in the early morning until you go to bed, and how to list the times when you do them.
Module Three: Questions
Learn how to ask various questions correctly, such as when, where, how, etc., as well as how to answer these questions if they are asked to you.
Fourth Unit: Making Plans
This unit looks at how to talk about your plans for both the near and distant future.
Module 5: Course Review
This unit is a review of everything you learned during the course and we will focus on linguistic structures and grammar.

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