Urgent Immigration to the villages of the Italian city of Calabria and obtaining residence and a salary of 800 euros per month on easy terms


Important details about immigration:

An excellent opportunity from the government of the Italian city of Calabria to obtain 33,000 US dollars, equivalent to 28,000 euros, over a maximum of 3 years, for people who are willing to move and live in the semi-abandoned villages of the province of Calabria, southern Italy.

  • Free submission 📢, some Italian villages suffer from a severe decrease in the population and the Italian government fears that these countries will turn into deserted villages that are not inhabited by anyone despite their distinguished tourist and economic location, for example, the villages of the “Calabria” region, which are close to the sea and have mountains and wonderful landscapes. About 75% of the villages of the Calabria region, ie 320 towns, have currently less than 5,000 people in each village, which threatens the existence of communities in these villages in the coming years 🎉.

To get out of this problem, Italy launched a project called “Active Residency Income”, through which Italy wants to promote the Calabria region as an important tourist and commercial site. According to Gianpetro Coppola, mayor of Altomonte, Italy, to CNN: The Active Residence Income project aims to boost the local economy and breathe new life into small, remote communities; Italy seeks to match the demand for jobs to meet the supply, which is why it has asked the remote villages for the kind of professionals they are missing to revive their economies. Italy has allocated €700,000 for the Calabria Village Village Project.

Do you want to immigrate and reside in Italy? You have an excellent opportunity for the Italian city government of Calabria to get 33 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 28 thousand euros, over a maximum of 3 years, for people wishing to move and live in the semi-abandoned villages of the southern province of Calabria, Italy.

Information about the village of Calabria:

Caliberia, one of the largest regions in Italy, is located in the southernmost part of Italy. It has a population of more than 2 million and an area of ​​about 15,082 square kilometers. Among the most important cities located in this region are the cities of Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Catanzaro and Crotone. Calabria’s climate, like that of Mediterranean cities, is mild and rainy in winter and hot in summer. There are several universities in Calabria, including the University of Calabria, the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, and the University of Catanzaro.

Conditions for applying to Calabria Immigration in Italy:

Applicants must travel to Calabria within 90 days of acceptance.
The maximum age for applicants is 40 years.
New residents must commit to starting a business from scratch such as a restaurant, poultry farm or shop, or accept pre-existing offers for specific professionals that these villages need.

The reason why Italians do not want to live in Calabria:

Italians can easily work in more urbanized cities such as Naples, Rome and Milan.
The services and luxury in other Italian cities are better than those in the villages of Calabria
Also, the average per capita income in Italy is 3,720 euros per month, according to the 2021 salary finder statistics.
The amount of 800 euros per month will not be accepted by anyone in Italy or the rest of Europe, so the opportunity is more suitable for citizens of Arab countries and Africa

How to apply:

You will click on the Apply Now button, fill out the application form and send all your files.

Immigration link: https://bit.ly/3AddgqK

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