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Teaching skills course description:

Teaching Skills Course A specialized and intensive course for teachers with a free accredited certificate of completion

Teaching skills concept:

Teaching skills: They are the set of teaching behaviors that the teacher shows in his educational activity with the aim of achieving certain goals, and these behaviors appear in the form of emotional, kinesthetic or verbal responses characterized by elements of accuracy and speed in performance and adaptation to the conditions of the educational situation.
The characteristics of teaching skills are: (generalizability, susceptibility to training and learning, they can be derived from a variety of sources)

Teaching skills course contents:

The most important skills for every teacher
Are you a teacher or a teacher?
How do you plan for the semester?
How to prepare and motivate students?
How to diversify the stimuli and choose the appropriate teaching aids?
The most important methods of explanation, reinforcement and class management
Methods of interaction and dealing with student patterns
Effective methods of asking questions and evaluating students
How to use teaching skills in education?

The basic teaching skills are:

First: the skill of planning for teaching
Second: the skill of content analysis
Third: The skill of setting teaching objectives
Fourth: The skill of presenting and implementing the lesson
Fifth: The skill of motivating the learner:

General rules for determining teaching objectives:

1- Formulating it as a behavioral picture.
2 Appropriateness to the characteristics of the students
3- Work to achieve the general objectives of teaching the subject
4- That the teaching objectives are consistent with the other elements of the teaching process system (content, teaching strategy and assessment methods) and not separated from them.
5- Its representation of the three objectives domains: knowledge, skill and affection.

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