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Course description:

For a successful job, good social relations and better mental health, you must think positively and be convinced that it is your way to a better world. A positive thinking course, in which you learn the meaning of thinking and how to get rid of negative thoughts and stop thinking about everything around you with negativity and pessimism. In this course, Muhammad Moamen Al-Majidi shows you mechanisms that help you shift from the negative to the positive and works with you throughout the course to activate and revitalize the positive sense within you, and you will receive an approved completion certificate at the end of the course.

Some important ways to think:

First: What if you think you are focusing on the things you want to achieve in your life?
Second: What if you thought about where you want to reach in your life!
Third: What if you think about how to overcome inner voices such as frustration, psychological pressures and things that exhaust you.
Fourth: What if you reconciled with yourself and be easy on yourself, life is not as difficult as you think.

Contents of the Positive Thinking Course:

What is thinking
Meaning of positive thinking
Negative and positive attitude
How to overcome the past with positive thinking?
Don’t play the victim
Be wary of negative media
Habits that help you think positive
Control your subconscious mind
Thinking Rules – Rule One
Thinking Rules – Rule Two
How do you fool your mind?

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