Principles of Marketing and Advertising on Facebook 2019


Course description:

Principles of Marketing and Advertising on Facebook Facebook Marketing 2019 is a comprehensive training for all the topics you need in order to have all the skills you need to professionally market and advertise on the Facebook application.

Advertising and marketing can have a huge impact on your success and revenue, which will surely impress the client with the principles we offer. One of the keys to business success is advertising and marketing.

Attracting customers is very important in today’s busy world and if done right, it can attract a lot of customers to your product and make you more profitable and successful. If you want to be the first to attract people

Advertising Principles and Ways to Attract Customers for More Sales:

1 . Advertising must elicit an emotional response
Advertising should have basic human needs and excite people’s emotions, even if your appeal makes sense.
2 . Advertising should stimulate curiosity
Ads should make the audience more aware and want to know more and look for more information.

  1. The advertisement surprises the audience
    The ad must have a shocking title, an unexpected image, a strange display in the store, an unusual stunt at the opening of the product launch to surprise and amaze the audience.

Course contents:

Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Duration : 00:01:22
Create and configure a Facebook account Facebook Account
Duration : 00:10:37
Managing and using a Facebook account Facebook Page Management
Duration : 00:13:25
Tips for Premium Content on Facebook Facebook Best Practices
Duration : 00:03:16
Facebook Ads 2019 Explained
Duration : 00:10:38
Measure and analyze results on Facebook Facebook Insights
Duration : 00:10:06
Facebook Creator Studio Tool
Duration : 00:05:39

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