The free Turkish language course – first level


About the Turkish language:

The Turkish language, sometimes referred to as Anatolian Turkish or Istanbul Turkish, is the most widely spoken and most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, as it is the mother tongue of nearly 83 million people. This language is mainly spread in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, and is a minority language in Iraq, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and in a few other countries and territories in Eastern Europe. Turkish is also the mother tongue, or second language, of millions of people with Turkish roots in Western Europe, particularly Germany.

Course contents:

Lesson One (Turkish Characters)
Duration : 00:12:52
Lesson Two (Phonetics and Plural Rule)
Duration : 00:12:59
Lesson Three (Voice Letters – Numbers)
Duration: 00:09:35
Lesson Four (Pronouns)
Duration : 00:13:47
Lesson Five (The Nominal Sentence in the Present Tense)
Duration : 00:13:38
Lesson Six (The Nominal Sentence in the Present Tense)
Duration : 00:13:48
Lesson Seven (Prepositions)
Duration : 00:13:29
Lesson Eight (Prepositions)
Duration : 00:14:42
Lesson Nine (Nationality Supplements and Numbers)
Duration : 00:14:15
Lesson Ten (Possessive Pronouns)
Duration : 00:11:26
Lesson Eleven (Verbs Sources)
Duration : 00:12:02
Lesson twelve (present tense)
Duration : 00:14:08
Lesson Thirteen (present tense)
Duration : 00:15:02
Lesson fourteen (present tense)
Duration : 00:13:32
Lesson fifteen (hour)
Duration : 00:11:48
Sixteenth lesson
Duration : 00:15:02
Lesson seventeen
Duration : 00:14:32
lesson eighteen
Duration : 00:12:59
Lesson Nineteen (Exercise 1)
Duration : 00:14:38
Lesson 20 (Exercise 2)
Duration : 00:15:02
Lesson twenty-one (exercises 3)
Duration : 00:14:32
Lesson twenty-two (exercises 4)
Duration : 00:15:02
Lesson Twenty-Three (Exercises 5)
Duration : 00:15:02
Lesson Twenty Four (Protection Characters)
Duration : 00:08:02
Lesson Twenty-Five (Text One)
Duration : 00:10:33
Lesson Twenty-six (Text Two)
Duration : 00:12:27

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