Paid Internship Opportunity in America 2022


Do you want to travel and train in America with a fully funded scholarship and a language course? The Humphery Fellowship Training Scholarship is now available to apply.

This is one of the most popular fully-funded fellowship programs in the United States for young and middle-aged professionals. International students from almost all over the world are eligible to apply for the fully funded scholarship in the United States.

The Hubert Humphery Fellowship Program is a way for applicants to strengthen their leadership skills and gain more knowledge about various issues in the United States. The Hubert Humphery Scholarship Department has awarded more than 6000 scholarships since its inception, and more than 400 universities host the Hubert Humphery Scholarship

Scholarship details:

Country: United States of America.
Scholarship Name: Humphery Fellowship Program
Countries: All Arab countries
Program duration: 10 months.
Application deadline: varies from country to country, but the deadline for submission is maximum for most countries in the first of October.
Training start date: April 2022

Provided funding:

This scholarship will cover all expenses while staying in the United States including airline tickets:
The training fee is free of charge
Round trip airfare from your country
It includes a course to learn English in America for free, improve your level and obtain a certificate in that
Entry visa (travel visa)
Big monthly salary
and accommodation for free
medical insurance
Books expenses
Laptop expenses for you
Field trips and conferences.

Training specialties:

agricultural and rural development,
Economic growth,
educational administration, planning and policy,
Finance and Banking,
higher education administration,
HIV/AIDS policy and prevention,
Human Resource Management,
law and human rights,
Natural resources, environmental policy and climate change
public health policy and management,
public policy analysis and management,
drug abuse education, treatment and prevention,
english and foreign language,
technology policy and management,
policy and prevention of human trafficking,
Urban and regional planning.

Universities participating in the training:

American University, Washington College of Law
Arizona State University
Boston University
Cornell University
Emory University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michigan State University
Pennsylvania State University
Syracuse University
University of California, Davis
The University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Commonwealth University.

Important Notes:

This scholarship does not require an English language certificate when applying,
Available to students, alumni and all persons,
There is no upper age limit to apply for this opportunity.

Training link:

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