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Many people seek to learn the English language because of its importance on multiple levels, whether it is at the level of study, work or even travel. Therefore, many students follow qualifying training courses so that they can take internationally approved exams such as TOEFL – IELTS, but this type of exams It may stand in the way of many who wish to follow it due to its high costs, and despite their urgent need for it, many of them cannot provide it, and this is reflected negatively on their chances of study, work and travel (immigration – asylum).
That’s why we will present you the Standard English Test provided by the EF Foundation, which will give you a unique opportunity to take the world’s first free Standard English test for learners of all levels, both beginners and experienced.

About the EF Foundation:

EF is one of the largest private educational institutions in the world with more than 50 years of experience and believes that quality education is able to break all barriers of language, culture and geography, and has spread its message, which is “Opening the doors of the world to everyone through education”
Given the increasing need of students everywhere to accurately measure and assess their progress in the English language and their achievements, the EF Foundation has created and designed the EF SET to meet all quality standards used in English language certification exams. This test is free and designed to meet the highest technical standards, just like exams Other standards in this field such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Skills EF SET Tests:

The current version of the test tests skills:

The advantages of the test:

The test is completely free.
Get a free certificate upon successful completion of the exam.
Get a free and personal test result URL to add to your LinkedIn profile or CV and you can also download it in PDF format.
Get an accurate measurement of your reading and listening skills based on CEFR standards in less than an hour.
You can compare your test results with other English language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge. You can view it here.
You can use the certificate to apply for grants and opportunities (if available from the donor).

Quick Test Features:

No fees and no registration needed as you can get started right away.
Estimated test scores are ideal for a quick assessment of your English reading and listening skills, in line with the CEFR.
You can also share your score on social networks and compare it with your friends.
You can take the test multiple times on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Steps to apply for the EF SET:

Register to take a free English test (50 minutes duration)
Complete the 50-minute EF SET exam with an appropriate score and receive your certificate online immediately.

test link:

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