Volunteer and work opportunity in Poland fully funded 2021.


Do you want to travel and volunteer in Poland??
The STRIM Institute travel and internship opportunity is now open to students around the world.
This volunteering has multiple benefits and is fully funded.

Volunteer and work details:

Country: Poland.
City: Krakow.
Awarding body: STRIM Institute.
Application deadline: September 30, 2021.
Countries available for application: All countries of the world are available to apply.
Study level: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.
Available for all academic levels, students, graduates and diplomas.
Duration of volunteering: The total duration is 9 months, starting from 1/11/2021 and ending on 7/31/2022.

Why this training:

STRIM is a youth development organization in Poland that provides a long-term volunteer project.
The project is implemented in one of the 11 receiving organizations which are (kindergarten schools, private schools, public libraries, cultural house or STRIM office).
The organization will host 32 volunteers for a period of 9 months and STRIM will bear the full cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses.
STRIM was founded in 2001 in Krakow, Poland as a non-governmental organization, bringing together people interested in social issues.
Its goal is to develop national and European awareness.
Moreover, they encourage and promote all forms of youth activities and organize training courses, seminars, conferences, public events, youth meetings and exchanges.
This project will allow volunteers from different countries to actively participate in the activities of educational institutions in Krakow, liberating their creativity and local and civic activity.

Funding provided to the volunteer:

Travel tickets from the volunteer’s country to Krakow will be covered by the receiving organization STRIM.
You will be allocated an apartment and you will live with 3 or 5 other foreign volunteers and one of them will share a room with you.
In general, the bedrooms can accommodate two people of the “same type”.
The apartment is equipped with basic furniture and equipment, you will not need to bring additional belongings (cutlery, plates, cups, etc.).
However, you will need to bring bedding, sheets and pillowcases or you can buy them in stores after your arrival.
The coordinating organization will give pocket money to the volunteers once a month (about 120 euros per month).
In general it should be 4 euros a day.
Food allowance is 400 PLN (89 EUR) per month.
Prices in Poland This is the average student budget for food.
All volunteers will be provided with free bus and tram tickets for all accessible lines in Krakow.
Formal language training in Polish will be provided twice a week for volunteers.
The receiving organization (STRIM) will provide books and materials for the course.
Providing an acceptance letter to travel easily without a bank account or complications.

Required files:

Fill out the volunteer application well.
Professional CV.
School certificate.
Writing a letter of intent in the application.

Important Notes:

The required age to apply is from 18 to 30 years old.
This scholarship does not require a language certificate to apply for.
This scholarship is available to all students and graduates of any qualification.
To learn more about the application steps and to know more details about the opportunity

Volunteer Link: https://bit.ly/2XpWNS1

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